• It gives you the opportunity to communicate your image in an environment specifically created for the event: a great chance to show off the best of the production in this creative sector;
  • It lets you show visitors how your products and materials work and are to be used through workshops and demonstrations;
  • It makes your participation easy by offering you pre-fitted booths: you will only need to display your products and stay focused on your promotional strategies. A successful work plan that makes an effective use of men, means and time, optimizing the cost/contact;
  • It helps you make the most of your investments to get a satisfying return in terms of image and communication;
  • It offers you the actual possibility to increase your sales and enlarge your market area, develop your marketing, find work collaborations and create new business opportunities;
  • It allows you to reach a particular target, strengthen your brand and raise your visibility;
  • It brings you new potential customers: the strategic geographical position of Bologna encourages people to go and visit the fair, being the Exhibition Center easy to reach from anywhere.